Our Story

Kuumba is a jewelry and homeware company based in Singapore that sells unique, handcrafted products from Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and the Kingdom of eSwatini.


Our Products

All of our products are ethically sourced from raw or upcycled materials, and made by women artisans at the grassroots level, who use their intricate craft as a form of sustainable income generation. The designs are personally curated by our Founder, who meets the artisans face-to-face, ensuring accountable and responsible business practices at every step of our product journey.


Our commitment

Kuumba partners with income generating projects for women at the grassroots level. Despite their limited resources, we believe in the potential of rural women to improve the quality of life in their communities by engaging in activities that include handcraft, agriculture and entrepreneurship. 

We partner with women groups and identify possible means of earning an income after consultation and assessment of skills and resources available locally. Collaboration takes place with Business Advisors and Designers to develop products and solutions that are holistic and sustainable. The handmade products are African by inspiration and contemporary in design.


Our Values

Fair Trade
Trust and Transparency
Collaboration and skill-sharing