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Black to the Future Series I

This series takes elements of craftsmanship, luxury and technology, translated through the digital medium of design. Studying wood carvings, jewellery, hair and body paint from various nations in Sub-Saharan Africa, including the Asante, Krobo and Boki, I experimented with the ways in which technology could be integrated with the body and tradition.

This Afrofuturistic piece is inspired by the Asante nation in Ghana (also referred to as Ashanti). Her gold earring is an emblem from the Asante King’s ‘crown,’ which is worn during royal ceremonies In a piece that has been remarked upon as ‘Grace Jones meets Nefertiti,’ this portrait draws from 90s aesthetics and futurist cyber-culture. The Asante’s hair is evocative of a microchip, and includes circular, triangular and zig-zagged patterns inspired by 18th-19th century Asante carvings.


Size: A1 | 23-3/8 x 33-1/8 inches | 594 x 841 mm

Printed on Fine Art Paper and mounted on wood.